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Our community your time

Welcome to our Community Time initiative!! Thank you for taking the first step to volunteering by coming to see what's available.

There's a wide variety of opportunities on the subsequent pages and a minimum time commitment of just a quarter of an hour. We felt that 15 minutes was a small enough amount of time for even the busiest person to manage.

It is essential that we all contribute to support and maintain "Our Community".

In a community as large as BES it is sometimes too easy to assume that others will "do it". A community of our size takes a lot of work to make sure we can meet the needs of our members and continue to be innovative. We need you to help BES thrive.

We understand that not everybody wants to sit on a committee. For that reason we have identified a large number of different types of tasks. There is always something out there for everyone when it comes to volunteering it is just a matter of finding what suits you. Everybody can find the time for something that they care about.

Please... join us for some "Community Time". Don't assume somebody else will do it. We have a joint responsibility for "Our Community". Select a category or enter something to search for which interests you, or click "View All" to see everything on offer.

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