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BES Website Security

To increase the security of our community, it has been decided that certain parts of the BES website which contain detailed information about events (specifically event flyers and the weekly newsletter) will be password protected.

The password will be E-Mailed out from the office - if you have not received the E-Mail please contact the office on . Please ensure your E-Mail includes your name and full address so these can be checked for security reasons.


Once you have entered the password, you will not need to enter it again for up to 60 days on this machine. This is done by storing a Cookie on your computer, which holds no personal information about you and is solely used to note that you have entered the password previously. By continuing here you consent to this.

If you are using a public machine, or if you do not want the cookie stored, please un-check the box below before pressing "Submit". You will not need to enter the password for this session, but will need to in future.

If you have any queries about the BES website, please .

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