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Purchasing tickets for events

Tickets for some BES events can currently be purchased through the United Synagogue online purchasing system, using credit or debit cards. Some BES Tribe (Youth) events are not on this page but can be booked directly on the US booking page - https://myus.theus.org.uk/events/. Please ensure you are booking for the correct event!

Click on the flyer to find out more about the event and to book!

BES Nitzan Simchat Torah Lock In Dinner and Party

Nitzan Simchat Torah Lock In Dinner & Party
Simchat Torah evening (Mon 24th Oct)

BES Youth Simchat Torah Grand Moroccan Banquet

BES Youth Simchat Torah Grand Moroccan Banquet
Simchat Torah evening (Mon 24th Oct), 8.00pm

Kids@Croxdale Simchat Torah Dinner

Pre Simchat Torah Dinner

Kids@Yavneh Simchat Torah Dinner

Pre Simchat Torah Dinner

Challah Make

WD6 Shabbat UK
Cross-Communal Challah Make
Thursday 10th November

Shabbat UK

BES TRIBE Shabbat UK Friday
Night Around The World Dinner
Friday 11th November

Israel Advocacy

Israel Advocacy Evening
Sunday 27th November

Kiddush sweets

BES@Croxdale Kiddush
Birthday Sweets

Gingerbread Storytime

Gingerbread Storytime

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