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Your Opinion Matters - Q4 2011

Borehamwood and Elstree Synagogue (BES)
Member survey

The first part of the BES survey was the postcards handed out on Kol Nidre night, with a total of 355 responses received across both Croxdale Road and Yavneh College services. 70% of the responses believe that good things can happen as a result of consultation.

In Hertsmere there are estimated to be 4000 Jewish families, and we have approximately 1300 member families. The survey target was 400 respondents, whereas in fact we had 575 responses! Even with a 10% error swing, this means that we can count on having received 520 accurate responses, which is a representation of 30% of all families in the community. Compared to a typical marketing exercise, where 10% would be considered "good", this level of response is very encouraging as it shows that whether people are positive or negative, they have an interest in taking part in the consultation process to make things better.

Below is a summary of the answers to the "multiple choice" questions. As well as this, the Strategic Planning Committee has also analysed the depth of detail submitted in all the "free text" boxes throughout the survey and will be making strategic recommendations based on the trends observed.

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