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Children's Events

The kids, what about the kids?!?!
       And BES is a very busy place for the kids!

If it isn't Children's Services taking place every Shabbat morning, it may the Anim Zemirot Squad meeting up or the Eishet Chayil girls group instead. In the winter months, there's Gingerbread Storytime at Croxdale Road and Yavneh on Friday nights and the "Horim v'Yeladim" Parents and Children learning program after Shabbat. Or any one of a number of youth, children and uniform groups that meet every week.

Then there are the really special events that take place around the time of various festivals. Here are just a few...

  • PURIM: Megillah dramas, shows, carnivals and more.
  • SHAVUOT: Special learning programs and ice-cream parties.
  • ROSH HASHANAH: Special services and the famous BES "Tashlich in the Park" for all families and treats for the kids.
  • YOM KIPPUR: Special lunches and afternoon programs.
  • SUCCOT: The famous, multiple "Succah Crawls" and...the awesome SBH - Simchat Beit HaShoeva!
  • SIMCHAT TORAH: A special lunch for all the children with additional entertainment and excitement.
  • CHANUKAH: parties, entertainers and more.

Caught your breath back from reading this? We haven't!

And apart from all the above, any special events for kids (and more information on the events above as they get nearby) are shown below...

Shabbat with The Chief Rabbi in honour of Rabbi Chapper

Shabbat 2/3 March

See the flyer

Purim @ BES

Wed 28 Feb / Thu 1 Mar

See the flyer

Base - Fun Learning Programme for Mums and Sons, Dads and Daughters

Saturday Nights at 6.15pm

Click to read flyer

Gingerbread Storytime at Yavneh

Fridays at Yavneh

See the flyer

BES Family Friday Nights

Incorporating Gingerbread Storytime and Onegs
Friday Nights

Click to read flyer

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