Taking place in the Old Shul on the first Shabbat of the month, Nitzan is a monthly service aimed at 20s and 30s within our community, attracting 75 people at each service. Originally set up as a place to meet other young people who have moved into the local area, Nitzan has grown to encompass a major social scene for the young adults of our community.

It has also become an incubator for new members to find their feet and then graduate to representing the shul at Board or sub-committee level – currently there are at least 10 Nitzan regulars driving key communal projects. Davening is quick – the service runs from 9:45am to 11:30am, followed by a themed Kiddush.

Nitzan is incredibly welcoming, so if you have recently joined our community and want to meet other young adult members, then it is a must visit.