School Admissions

Following the ruling of The Supreme Court in December 2009, most Jewish schools require you to complete a "Certificate of Religious Practice" as part of the entrance process. One of the ways that 'points' can be attained for the purposes of the CRP is through Synagogue Attendance.

For information on how to register your attendance, please check out the following links.

The Certificate of Religious Practice

CRP Procedure

Issue of CRPs

If you have any questions in relation to this process please email . The BES office is not able to handle any queries related to CRP by telephone.

If you have any other CRP related queries, not relating to Synagogue Attendance, you need to contact the school(s) to which you are applying.

To have your child's attendances recorded, they need to be registered on our online system.

Go to the BES Online CRP system

Please note that the dates on which we operate CRP recording are determined by the schools, and usually run from early May until their application deadlines. If you need to have attendances recorded outside of these dates, please contact us on .

The Supreme Court Ruling - December 2009