Issue of CRPs

In lieu of filling in CRP forms, BES will instead provide you with a Letter of Attendance (which the schools have indicated is acceptable) for you to attach to your CRP form. Please note you will still need to obtain a CRP form from the school(s) to which you are applying, and complete the relevant sections.

If you ask someone to collect the Letter on your behalf please provide them with written authority.

If you have already received your Letters please do not continue to register (unless you require further attendances) as this adds to our administrative burden.

Please bear in mind that it is your responsibility to request Letters of Attendance in good time and we cannot accept any responsibility for a deadline which may be missed. It may take up to 2 weeks for letters to be ready after they have been requested, and you will need to visit the Shul office during its normal office hours to collect your letters.

The Letter of Attendance from BES will only confirm the number of times which you have attended BES (and other US Shuls who have passed your attendance information on to us). Please be aware that although most of the Jewish schools have similar CRP requirements, it is essential that you contact each school to ascertain their exact CRP requirements, including the number of attendances they expect. In some cases it is possible that Shul attendance alone will not be enough to qualify you as a 'Priority Applicant'.

Please note that the CRP Letter of Attendance should not be construed in any way as a confirmation of Jewish Status.