All the following shiurim take place regularly in the area.

Friday Night Shiur

On Friday nights during the autumn and winter, there is a shiur after Ma'ariv at both Croxdale Road, and a shiur at Yavneh delivered by Rabbi Chapper. Occasionally a member of the community or a guest speaker gives these shiurim instead.

Shabbat Afternoon Shiur

During the summer, instead of the Friday night shiur, there is a seudah shlishit shiur between Minchah and Ma'ariv at Croxdale Road and on the Southside (in someone's home). These are usually given one of the BES Rabbinic team, or occasionally by a member of the community or a guest speaker.

Wednesday Evening Parashat HaShavuah

Weekly inspiration and insights into the week's Parashah with Rabbi Finn. 8:30pm, Wednesday evenings normally at the home of Michael and Cindy Goldstein.

Lunch 'n' Learn

There is a fortnightly Lunch 'n' Learn, given by various Rabbis following a light lunch. This takes place at 12.30pm on alternate Wednesdays at Croxdale Road. This is followed by Mincha. £3.
The next sessions are 6 March and 27 March.