BES is an innovative, welcoming and active community that puts a strong emphasis on caring for each other. 

As a Modern Orthodox, Zionist community, we are committed to helping all members grow in their spirituality, providing many diverse religious and educational experiences.

Through close partnering and regular interaction with leading Israeli figures, educators and organisations, BES aims to develop our members’ relationship with Israel both intellectually and practically. 

We strive for our community to be one where every member feels valued and feels able to add value, each playing their role in creating the strongest community possible. With over 1,000 volunteering opportunities and 700+ regular volunteers, there are many opportunities to get involved.

Structurally we are committed to running BES in a federated way, allowing demographic and geographic groups license to create structures and programmes that are right for them, and supporting them via a strong central support structure.

We pride ourselves on running world class events which have incredibly high attendance levels, bringing the community together to share common experiences and increasing our bond with each other. We also have a growing and active programme of regular social activities.

Social Action and making an impact in the wider community is extremely important to us – we collectively commit many hours to pursuing this through local community action and through partnering with local social facilities such as foodbanks and shelters. Via our Community Cares team, BES supports hundreds of our most vulnerable members, often providing vital support for them and their families.

With over 1200 under 18s, we put tremendous effort into our Children and Youth programmes, ensuring the next generation develops a passion for being involved in a Jewish community that we hope will remain with them for the rest of their lives.