Supervision of Children

In order to address Health and Safety issues, as well as legal implications, the Honorary Officers of Borehamwood and Elstree Synagogue (BES) have implemented the following policy to address the well being of children under the age of 12 years whilst on Synagogue premises.

Whilst we encourage children to come to Synagogue and take part in events, most of our helpers are volunteers, and it is felt too much to expect them to cope with difficult or disruptive children. Parents are therefore strongly urged to ensure that:

  • Your children are under your care or the care of another responsible adult.
  • Your children remain within the designated activity.
  • You are on call, should a difficulty arise.

Please be aware that any child or children congregating outside the building are a security risk. This is unacceptable, and the child or children will be asked to disperse with immediate effect.

In the best interest of the entire Community, the Honorary Officers trust that members will assist with this policy by being particularly aware of the movements and behaviour of their own children.

We would very much regret having to ask a member to leave the premises. However, we are sure you will understand why our Security Officers are instructed to do so, should anyone be put at risk.

The Honorary Officers, Board of Management, Employees and Voluntary Assistants regret that neither they nor the United Synagogue will accept liability or responsibility for any event claim or contingency arising as a result of you, your children or anyone else disregarding any of the above conditions.

November 2008