BES@Yavneh (which is held in the shul at Yavneh College on Hillside Avenue) is a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive environment for davening, attended by young and established families living close to Yavneh College, as well as attracting many other people young and old from around Borehamwood and Elstree.

In late 2015, a Yavneh Think Tank took place, which produced a document entitled "Our community inspired by Jewish values" A strategic vision for BES@Yavneh, the BES community in the Southside of Borehamwood.

BES@Yavneh Statement of Values

Our Vision is to be a thriving and welcoming Modern Orthodox community, inspired by Jewish values, where everyone can feel spiritually enriched, support one another and help those in need

In everything we do we are guided by the following values:

Welcoming is remaining open, inclusive and friendly whatever size we are
It means having a smile and a kind word for those we do not yet know
We strive to welcome everybody and help them to feel at home

Community is changing me and you into us
It’s enjoying being Jewish together with people that live near us
We will care for and support one another and help those in need

Contribution is giving something back and becoming part of something bigger
It is all of us taking responsibility for leading and inspiring others
We will support and thank our volunteers and look after their wellbeing
We value guidance, delegation and team spirit over micro-management

Improvement is being bold and innovative to make things better
It is internalising our values and relentlessly pursuing our vision
We value self-improvement and improving the lives of those around us
Through this, we make the world a better place

Spiritual enrichment inspires us to get closer to Judaism and to God
It drives our relationship with the Divine and with thousands of years of Jewish tradition
We value Jewish education and learning at all ages and all levels
We celebrate a Judaism that is always relevant for the whole community

April 2019