Service Times

Regular weekday services (Winter timetable)

 Shacharit Mincha Ma'ariv 



6.50am & 8am 


Mincha / Ma'ariv when Shabbat starts






After Kiddush


15 minutes after Shabbat goes out 






Mincha / Ma'ariv at time Shabbat starts on previous Friday






1:30pm at Ohr Yisrael


8pm at Croxdale






1:30pm at Ohr Yisrael


8pm at Croxdale




6.50am & 8am


1:30pm at Ohr Yisrael


8pm at Croxdale






1:30pm at Ohr Yisrael


8pm at Croxdale

Rosh Chodesh Shacharit is 6.45am. Service times will vary around Yom Tov, and on Bank Holidays. In the winter, the weekday evening service is Ma'ariv only, although there may be a weekday lunchtime Mincha service at Ohr Yisrael Federation Synagogue. 

Please always check the latest newsletter for the most up-to-date service times.

After the 6:50am service on Fridays there is coffee and croissants. 

Regular weekday services (Summer timetable)

Shacharit at Croxdale

Sunday 8.30am

Monday 7.15am

Tuesday 7.15am

Wednesday 7.15am

Thursday 7.15am

Friday 7.15am


Mincha & Maariv at Croxdale

Sunday 7.30pm

Monday 7.30pm

Tuesday 7.30pm

Wednesday 7.30pm

Thursday 7.30pm

Rosh Chodesh Shacharit is 6.45am. Service times will vary around Yom Tov, and on Bank Holidays. Please always check the latest newsletter for the most up-to-date service times.

Shabbat services

The main Shabbat service is open to all and commences at 9.30am. We endeavour to strike a balance between informality and dignity, thus creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, whilst upholding the sanctity of the Synagogue. The community is fortunate to have a wealth of chazanut and leining talent within its membership. This means the Shabbat morning service is vibrant and engaging for regular shul-goers, as well as visitors.

Since the main Shabbat service is the hub of our community, life's events are celebrated, including Barmitzvahs, Batmitzvahs, Aufrufs and baby namings.

There is also an alternative 'Limmud Minyan' each Shabbat morning which commences at 9.30am. This service is much smaller and intimate than the main service and involves discussion and more of a 'learning and educational' style of service.

Additionally, every fortnight, there is a Hashkama (early) minyan starting at 8am. This is a small, intimate service, which is particularly good for families with young (pre-walking) children, enabling husbands to go home in time for their wives to attend the regular services.

Running in tandem with these adult services is a weekly Youth Service with a slightly later start, tailor made for secondary school children who can enjoy a Shabbat morning with their peers.

In our family orientated community, we also have a full range of childrens' services from babies through to the end of primary school.

In the summer months, Shabbat afternoon services commence an hour and a half before the end of Shabbat, followed by Seudah Shlishit and a challenging shiur given by a Rabbi until the end of Shabbat.

Friday night services are held in the Synagogue, and are supplemented by parallel services at the same time and under the auspices of the Synagogue every week in Elstree and South Borehamwood. During the summer, these Shabbat evening services commence at 7.30pm at Croxdale Road, and 7:15pm at Yavneh and the Elstree Minyan. During the winter, these Shabbat evening services commence at the same time that Shabbat starts.

Daily Services

Daily services are held morning (in the Synagogue) and evening (in the Bet HaMedrash or Gilah Hall) throughout the year. Monday and Thursday morning services start at 6.45am, with Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday services at 6.50am. On Rosh Chodesh, the service commences at 6.45am.

The Sunday morning service is a little later at 8.30am. Sunday afternoon and evening services are held at the same time as Shabbat commences on the preceding Friday. Monday to Thursday afternoon and evening services start at 8pm in the summer. In the winter months we combine with the Ohr Yisrael shul in Theobald Street for the afternoon services at 1.30pm. Their members come to our evening services at 8pm.

On Public/Bank Holidays, the service times are usually the same as the preceding Sunday.


All Shabbat and Yom Tov services are followed by Kiddush (except on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur). Extra foodstuffs are set on out on some Yomim Tovim and minor chagim, as appropriate. We also have themed Kiddushim e.g. British Summer Picnic, Eurovision and more! 

Please contact the shul for further information or if you are a parent and would like to be involved in running or supporting the children's services in any way.