BES Kaytana Camp is the place to send your kids in the summer for a week or two of guaranteed fun, games, outings, arts and crafts, treasure hunts, drama and baking activities. 

Plus hot fresh lunches!

All taking place at Borehamwood & Elstree United Synagogue. Groups are led by qualified primary school teachers and other enthusiastic members of staff. 


Week 1: 29 July - 2 August / Week 2: 5 - 9 August 


Monday - Thursday, 9.30am - 3.30pm

Friday, 9.30am - 1.00pm


Are you looking for a fantastic summer job, having lots of fun, leading activities with children, joining in with our amazing atmosphere, all at our lovely summer camp?     

Well, Kaytana is now recruiting staff for this summer. Application forms and job descriptions below.

To apply be an 'Assistant' at Kaytana, you must be 18+ before 26 July 2019.

Assistants are paid £200-250 per week.

Click here for an advert.

For an application form, please click here.

For a job description, please click here.

To apply to be a 'Volunteer', you must be aged between 13 and 17 before 26 July 2019.

Volunteers receive a £50 voucher (Brent X or Amazon) a week.

For an application form, please click here.

For a job description, please click here.

We look forward to receiving your applications.

Child Applications 

For child application forms, please click here for an editable Word document or here to complete the application form by hand.


Group 1: For children going into Reception and Year 1 in September 2019  

Group 2: For children going into Year 2 and Year 3 in September 2019  

Group 3: For children going into Years 4, 5 and 6 in September 2019  - Spaces available! 


£145 per week per child / £275 for two weeks per child 


For further details contact