Pesach 2019


To sell your Chametz please complete an online form hereThis form must be completed by the final deadline of 10am on Wednesday 17th April 2019.

If anyone would like to make a formal kinyan for the Sale of Chametz, Rabbi Chapper will be available after 8:30am Shacharit on Sunday 14 April at Croxdale Road.  Please click here to download and print a form to complete and give to Rabbi Chapper in person. Please bring with your completed Sale of Chametz form.

If someone fails to sell Chametz before Pesach they may never eat nor benefit from it, even after Pesach has finished. Such Chametz must be given away to a non-Jew or destroyed.

Thursday 18 April - Begin searching for chametz after 8:57pm

Friday 19 April -  Shacharit followed by Siyum will be at 7:30am (not 8am). Stop eating chametz by 10:39am and burn chametz by 11:49am

Please do not access or eat your Chametz until 9.45pm on 27 April to allow time for Rabbi Chapper to buy back the Chametz after Yom Tov has ended.


Please click here to download the Pesach Timetable for times of Shabbat, Yom Tov and Services.


This year the last days of Pesach 2019 fall on Friday and Shabbat so an Eruv Tavshilin should be made before lighting candles for 7th day Yom Tov (Thursday 25th April).
Please click here to read Rabbi Chapper's Eruv Tavshilin guidance.


Please note that a 24-hour candle needs to be lit before lighting Yom Tov candles on the first and seventh days of Yom Tov. The flame from this candle should be used to light candles on the second and eighth day Yom Tov respectively.

On Friday night, Shabbat candles should be lit before sunset and the onset of Shabbat (even though it is still Yom Tov).