The BES Community Care Network is organised by the Community Care Co-ordinator, Karen Moss, who liaises with the Rabbis and other members of the BES staff team.

The Care Line is a confidential telephone helpline that can be accessed by all synagogue members and their families, and is intended to be a first port of call for any welfare or support issues with which you need help. It is not an emergency service. If Karen is not available to take your call, please leave a message and she will return your call as soon as possible. You can expect a confidential, impartial, supportive and non-judgemental service.

Karen is assisted by an experienced group and a team of trained volunteers. There are opportunities for more volunteers and anyone interested in joining this team is invited to email .

The Care Line also provides support to people going through problems throughout life – such as divorce and bereavement or a wide spectrum of the social problems which can be so difficult to cope with. Resource (the new name for the Employment Resource Centre) provides FREE support for unemployed Jewish people to get into or back to work speedily, efficiently and effectively, and to employers looking to fill vacant positions.

Contact us 

Phone the BES Care Line on 020 8207 5741 or email .

The BES Community Care Network is part of the United Synagogue's Community Cares.