Shabbat Hospitality

If you are new to the community, have no family in the area or simply want to meet new people, we have lots of members who would happily host you for a Shabbat or Yom Tov meal. Please contact us to enquire. 

Kosher Meals 

Are you struggling with preparing and cooking meals? If so why not consider Kosher Meals delivered directly to your doorstep? To purchase delicious and nutritious meals contact Hertfordshire Community Meals on 01727 847264 or Wiltshire Farm Foods on 01923 491188. Hermolis meals are available from the Barnet Hospital restaurant on request from the staff and DDs sandwiches are for sale there in the fridge in the resturant at the entrance every day.


For further information and support contact BES Cares on: 020 8207 5741 / .