Bat Mitzvah

At Borehamwood and Elstree Synagogue we treat Bat Mitzvahs with great importance.

According to Jewish law, once a girl turns 12 years old, she is obligated to observe all the mitzvot; hence the term Bat Mitzvah (daughter of the mitzvot). At BES, we celebrate the Bat Mitzvah as a religious milestone in each individual girl's life.

The Bat Mitzvah ceremony is usually held on a Shabbat, just before the end of the morning service. Alternately it can be held on a Sunday.

The format of the Bat Mitzvah involves the girl delivering a D'var Torah (Torah discourse) in front of the entire congregation. She then follows this with the recital of a special Bat Mitzvah prayer. The parents are then invited to bless their daughter and offer thanks to the Almighty for this milestone in their lives. The rabbi then offers a Torah thought and some personal remarks, and the Bat Mitzvah girl is presented with a book and certificate.

The entire service lasts between 20 minutes and a half hour.

It is necessary for the girl to follow guidelines for preparing a D'var Torah and to study with a competent tutor to help her construct her D'var Torah. For a list of potential tutors, please call the BES office on 020 8386 5227.

BES runs regular workshops for the parents of Bnei Mitzvah.